We would like to welcome you to the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (formerly Skin Laser Studio) with the most extensive experience in Silesia. Our clinic combines the highest competence in the field of aesthetic medicine with many years of tradition and experience. We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive offers of aesthetic medicine services in Poland. The Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is among the few centres in Poland to provide some of the cutting-edge medical procedures. Whatever your needs or problems, you can rest assured that our Clinic will quickly find an effective solution by selecting the most appropriate treatment for you. The journey our patients take through our services brings them the joy of life and greater self-confidence. Beauty instils good energy! And we enjoy helping others find their happiness.

Meet our Team

We are uncompromising on the quality of our services. Our clinic combines the highest competence in the field of aesthetic medicine with many years of tradition and experience. The dermatologists working for the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic are experienced specialists who belong to the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists (PSAD) and participate in regular training courses in top centres. Our state-of-the-art equipment is not everything. The Skin Laser Lubelscy Clinic has experts who can effectively use it.

Krystyna Lubelska,

Krystyna Lubelska, Consultant Dermatologist

“Aesthetic medicine is the most rapidly developing branch of medicine. I have been involved in this progress for three decades now and I have no hesitation in saying that it is medicine that allows me to keep my youthful spirit. I keep a watchful eye on the market trends and introduce valuable novelties into my Clinic. I am delighted to be able to work with Patients and help them when in need. The sparkle in our patients’ eyes when they leave the Clinic is the best reward for my work. Thank you very much for it. It is the patients that give me the motivation to further develop the Clinic.”

Dr Krystyna Lubelska is a physician with 23 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. She is also the owner of the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (formerly Skin Laser Studio).

Dr Lubelska gained her professional experience in prestigious clinics in New York, Vienna, Heidelberg and Paris. She specialises in the treatment of difficult cases in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

Dr Krystyna Lubelska cooperates with the most prominent brands, trainers and coaches from France, America, Korea, Austria and Germany. She regularly upgrades her skills and knowledge of the latest technologies. The “Who is Who” magazine, which presents the most recognisable people in the world, termed Dr Lubelska ‘the pioneer of laser therapy in Poland’. The magazine appreciated her contribution to helping people boost their self‑esteem through the improvement of physical appearance.

Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski,

Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski, physician

"As a physician, I am primarily focused on the wellbeing of my patients by respecting the ‘primum non nocere’ principle ('first, do no harm'). I take a keen interest in following the latest global trends in aesthetic medicine by introducing tried-and-tested procedures into my daily activities."

Dr Sazanów-Lubelski is a physician and co-owner of the Skin Laser Lubelscy Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

He graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and studied medicine at the prestigious Georg-August University in Göttingen (Germany).

While still a student, he participated in numerous workshops and training courses in aesthetic medicine, both in Poland and abroad. Dr Sazanów-Lubelski developed his passion for beauty and aesthetics by studying at the Academies and Universities in Vienna, Cracow and Katowice, where he obtained his Master degree.

He is constantly updating his skills and knowledge under the tutelage of the most prominent practitioners and trainers in Poland and across the world.


Jakub Sazanów-Lubelski is currently attending a specialisation course in Dermatology and Venereology.

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk,

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk, Consultant Dermatologist, Aesthetic Medicine Physician

“Beauty requires perfection and precision. These two features are inherent in my nature. In aesthetic medicine, even the smallest detail affects the treatment results and the patient’s well-being. As a consequence, it is necessary to participate in continuous improvement and keep abreast of innovations that spring up at international congresses. In Skin Laser Lubelscy, I can keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, ensuring that the patients in my office often smile and are satisfied with the effects of their treatment.”

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk graduated from the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice in 1992 and completed her specialisation in dermatology in 1996. She has extensive hospital experience having worked at a dermatological ward. She has been involved in aesthetic medicine since 2003, working and developing her skills in numerous aesthetic dermatology offices.

She regularly takes part in training sessions to enhance her qualifications and practical knowledge of the latest treatment methods. In our clinic, she is responsible for the majority of aesthetic medicine procedures.

Joanna Hesse-Kowalczyk was awarded the Masters in Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine certificate, issued by the Association of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a member of the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists.

Katarzyna Mierzwińska,

Katarzyna Mierzwińska, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant Dermatologist

“In aesthetic medicine, we never get bored or rest on our laurels. The increasingly advanced treatments offered in this field necessitate continuous improvement of our skills and knowledge. It is a rewarding job that often helps patients feel more beautiful and attractive after their treatment. And each treatment performed in 100% releases endorphins not only in my patients but also inside of me, thus giving me a lot of joy and happiness.”

Katarzyna Mierzwińska is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University Medical College (CMUJ) and completed her post‑graduate studies in aesthetic medicine. She developed her skills by attending foreign internship programmes and a scholarship in Germany. Her practical experience was gained in the Department of Dermatology and in aesthetic medicine centres in Katowice. In our Clinic, she is responsible for the innovative hair transplant technique (S.A.F.E.R.) and ultrasonic liposuction using the Vaser Lipo system.

Karolina Jaguś,

Karolina Jaguś, Customer Service Specialist

“Dealing with many people of different personalities is what I value the most in my work. In the Clinic, every day is different. I am extremely happy to see the satisfaction of our patients as they leave and come back in after some time, bringing along their friends, families and often their younger generation.”

Karolina Jaguś is a graduate of the Katowice School of Economics (GWSH) in Katowice, with extensive experience in customer service in the field of aesthetic medicine. She puts a lot of effort into creating a friendly atmosphere by giving information about the Clinic's offer. Karolina’s responsibilities in the Skin Laser Lubelscy Clinic include maintaining contact with patients, scheduling their appointments and ensuring that all the treatment procedures run smoothly. Her excellent communication skills make it easy for her to interact with foreign patients.